Trial Begins for Daesh Terrorist Cell

Saudi Ministry of Justice

The Specialized Criminal Court (SCC) in Riyadh has begun the trial of eight Saudis and two Yemenis who planned terror attacks targeting police centers.

Saudi prosecutors have charged the terror group with 63 criminal counts, including  membership of the Daesh terrorist group, pledging loyalty to Daesh leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, and targeting a security patrol to kill security men in Laban district in Riyadh by opening fire at them with a machine gun, which resulted in serious injury, fleeing the scene and attempting to leave the country illegally. The charges against the terror group also included the purchase of weapons and drugs and the use of narcotic drugs.

The sixth defendant, a Saudi security man, faced six charges, notably his concealment of the first defendant who was accused of opening fire at the security men, and meeting with the first defendant at King Khalid International Airport, and showing dishonesty in his job by assisting him with his knowledge. The prosecutor also leveled charges of concealment and smuggling of persons against the two Yemenis and their coordination of the exit of the first defendant to Yemen illegally for money.

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