Saudis Reflect on President Trump’s Recent Visit

President Trump’s recent visit to Saudi Arabia – his first overseas trip as President – received worldwide attention for hosting over 50 Heads of State, the groundbreaking deals that were made, and the warmness shown to him by the citizens of the Kingdom.

Trump’s two day trip to Riyadh, is still the talk of the town, from the highest levels of government to Saudi nationals. Speaking about convening the first Arab Islamic American Summit to combat terrorism, Saudi Foreign Minister His Excellency Adel Al Jubier said, “I believe that the fact that this summit took place is historic. I cannot overemphasize the importance of it to the history of the world.”

Combating terrorism and the effort by the United States, the Kingdom, and dozens of Muslim allies to come together to do so, was also commended by the Harley Davidson Club of Saudi Arabia. One of their members, Mohammed Alrasheed, was one of the many Harley Davidson members who wore t-shirts with the phrase “Ride for Entertainment” printed on one side, and “No to Terrorism” on the back of their shirts.

The emphasis on fighting terrorism was a sentiment felt across Saudi Arabia. Speaking from Dammam about President Trump’s visit, Fahad Alammari the founder and general manager of Leading Innovations, told Arabia Now, “Other countries now have a better understanding that Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest fighters against terrorism and that we all be working with the United States, side by side, to reach the same results.”

Maha Nazer, a self-development coach living in Riyadh told “Arabia Now” that having President Trump in the Kingdom was, “A very good opportunity for the world to see who we are. We are very good people, and we give very good welcomes. We showed that you can have swords, dance, and have fun. We are glad that we didn’t judge too much ourselves too. I think President Trump showed us a lot of respect, and his speech helped show that he has good intentions.”

The Trump visit also shone light on the important strides women in Saudi Arabia continue to make. President Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump, who also serves as Assistant to the President, attended a Twitter conference hosted by MISK and met with leading female entrepreneurs led by Princess Reema bint Bandar al Saud. Speaking to the group, the first daughter said, “In every country, including the United States, women and girls face challenges. Saudi Arabia’s progress, especially in recent years, is very encouraging.”

First Lady Melania Trump highlighted the incredible strides the Kingdom has made in the education field by visiting the American School in Riyadh. A key pillar of Saudi Vision 2030, her visit to children had the press attention, and showed the world that nearly 95% of Saudi citizens are literate, compared to only 8 percent in 1970.

Few US Presidents have packed as much into a visit to Saudi Arabia as President Trump did. It’s probably why people in the Kingdom are still paying close attention to what happens next. Speaking to Arabia Now from Riyadh and reflecting on his trip, Maha Nazer said, “We are so happy he came here. I hope people get used to seeing the power of US and Saudi relations. This relationship will help other countries to make the world a better place too.”