Saudi Arabia’s World Cup Qualification is a Boost for the Kingdom’s Soccer Clubs

The Saudi Green Falcons have a 1-0 victory over Japan under their belt, officially securing their place in the World Cup.

Fahad Al-Muwallad scored the winning goal for the Green Falcons in front of a crowd of more than 60,000 in early September. Saudi Arabia hopes this win will create excitement both domestically and internationally for the Kingdom’s flourishing soccer clubs.

In Saudi, Soccer is a Symbol for the Country’s Transformation

“Football club brands are reliant on strong on-field performance and individual player brands,” sports analyst Finn Dowley told Arab News. “The World Cup will thrust Saudi Arabia’s star players into the spotlight which will directly benefit the brands of the clubs they play for.”

With the prospect of another World Cup win this year, the Green Falcons in particular are gaining fan attention and strong local support.

While local clubs have maintained solid backing from players showcased in the World Cup qualifiers, local clubs are looking for a boost prior to Saudi Arabia’s privatization plans.

“Assuming there is significant interest from the private sector and robust bidding, and there are many reasons to believe this will indeed be the case, we can anticipate that the private-sector bidders, having performed rigorous due diligence, will feel confident they can increase brand values and commercialize the associated assets to increase and diversify revenues,” Steve Bainbridge of Al Tamimi & Company told Arab News.

The team’s World Cup qualification is likely to increase merchandise sales and sponsorships. “The growth of Saudi football club brands will depend on levels of investment and quality of brand management,” Dowley said. “Savvy owners will look to industry and market specialists to develop their brands in order to maximize financial return.”

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