Saudi Police Investigating Qatif Explosion’s Link to Terror

A recent explosion in the eastern area of Saudi Arabia killed two individuals implicated in criminal violence. The explosion, which took place in Qatif, destroyed a car that was found to be carrying a cache of munitions. The explosion was the latest incident of violence in a series of disturbances by criminals carrying out terror activity.

In the aftermath of the blaze, police discovered firearms and ammunition inside the car. Initially identified as a stolen vehicle, the car was quickly apprehended by law enforcement. The two individuals inside the car have not yet been identified.

The Awamiya district in Qatif has notable faced drug and arms trade flows that recently led to the death of a policeman in a grenade attack and two civilians killed in gunfire.

Security concerns in Qatif are geographically limited to hotspots of criminal activity that the police continue to vigilantly monitor while pursuing actors seeking to destabilize the region. Saudi cities are among the safest in the world with annual crime rates that are less than 0.8 per 100,000 people, far below the international rate of 7.6. The Government of Saudi Arabia has pledged to maintain safety and security by supporting ongoing efforts to fight criminal abuses and enhance the quality of life for all.

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