Construction Completed on Saudi Arabia’s First Wind Turbine

Construction cranes assemble the first wind turbine in Saudi Arabia.

Construction has been completed of the first wind energy turbine in Saudi Arabia in Turaif, in northeastern Saudi Arabia near the border with Jordan.

To construct the wind turbine, 410 tons of materials, equipment and components were transported 750 miles from the industrial port of Jubail to Turaif. Gulf Haulage Heavy Lift Co. transported rotor blades for the wind turbine on 36 Scheurle SPMT axle lines. These specially-designed trucks moved the 58 meter long rotor blades – three of many that will follow in due course.

After the tower segments were assembled, the 83-ton nacelle was installed at its operating height of 84 meters. Together with the installation of the blades, the erection of the entire wind turbine took just two days.

Ironically, high winds at the construction site complicated the assembly of the wind turbine.

Wind, Solar, Geothermal Lead Saudi Arabia Renewable Energy Strategy

Saudi Arabia possesses an impressive natural potential for solar, geothermal and wind power. Development of renewable energy sources will become more urgent in the coming years, as local energy consumption is expected to increase threefold by 2030. The Kingdom has set an initial target of generating 9.5 gigawatts of renewable energy. Saudi Arabia seeks to localize a significant portion of the renewable energy value chain in the Saudi economy, including research & development, and manufacturing. From inputs such as silica and petrochemicals, to the extensive expertise of the leading Saudi companies in the production of different forms of energy, the Kingdom has all the raw ingredients for success. We will put this into practice with the forthcoming launch of the King Salman Renewable Energy Initiative. A review the legal and regulatory framework will take place in order to allow the private sector to buy and invest in the renewable energy sector.

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