Saudi Arabia Exceeds Sustainable Development Goals

Saudi Arabia has achieved most of the 17 goals for comprehensive sustainable development set by the United Nations, thus surpassing the achievements of the UN Agenda 2030.

The announcement was made in a speech by Abdullah Al-Marwani, assistant undersecretary for Planning and National Policies at the Ministry of Economy and Planning during the Second Forum of Economic and Social Council on financing for development. The forum was held at the UN headquarters this week.

“The Kingdom has already achieved most of the overall goals of sustainable development of the 17 goals of the UN. Sometimes these achievements exceeded the goals of the UN Agenda 2030 with the average annual economic growth of the Kingdom amounting to about 3.6 percent, higher than the global average,” said Al-Marwani.

Al-Marwani said the Kingdom is working in the direction of development and has not spared any efforts to develop the economy of the country toward further progress and prosperity.
He pointed out that Vision 2030, especially the National Transformation Program (NTP) 2020, aims to achieve the UN objectives by encouraging and creating more investment initiatives in human capital, infrastructure, education, health and alternative energy to diversify the economic base, and promote social gains from comprehensive development.

Ongoing Progress Towards Political, Economic and Social Development

The development of Saudi Arabia is not a recent phenomenon. It is a steady project of modernization, in which each generation builds on the progress of its antecedents. For decades, Saudi Arabia has made an effort to improve the lives of its citizens – using the wealth generated from the Kingdom’s natural resources to fund the social and economic development of the nation. Every measure of human development – life expectancy, infant mortality, literacy, per capita income, etc. – has improved dramatically in the span of a single generation.

Nevertheless, a new generation brings new challenges and opportunities – and a new impetus for development. In April 2016, Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman unveiled Vision 2030, an ambitious program for the Kingdom. Vision 2030 seeks to build on Saudi Arabia’s strengths as an investment powerhouse situated in the heart of the Arab and Islamic worlds, with strong geographic connections to Europe, Asia and Africa.

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