Saudi Arabia is Going Low-Carbon

With new partnerships in stow, Saudi Arabia is moving toward a low-carbon economy.

Saudi Arabia’s national petroleum and natural gas giant Saudi Aramco has recruited locally owned technology start-up NOMADD Desert Solar Solutions to develop waterless cleaning to convert sunlight directly into electricity.

According to the technology licensing agreement, NOMADD will integrate its own fully automated waterless solar cleaning system with a Saudi Aramco cleaning system. NOMADD will disseminate the new technology across Saudi Arabia.

Most people do not realize that traditional solar module cleaning is very water intensive, which is highly unsuitable for a desert environment. By contrast, a fully-automated waterless solar cleaning system would not only be beneficial for Saudi Arabia’s water-scarce environment, but also for the region at large.

Earlier this year, HSBC, JP Morgan and Credit Suisse were among the foreign financiers invited to help Aramco pinpoint potential acquisition targets and provide advice on deals that could assist the oil-rich Kingdom transition to a low-carbon economy. This possible $5 billion transition into a clean energy future came amidst plummeting oil prices.

“NOMADD is excited to partner with Saudi Aramco, KAUST and other local institutions to bring this vision to fruition. NOMADD is gaining strong commercial traction in the solar industry, winning several industry awards for technology and leadership in the field,” said Jos van der Hyden, founder and chief executive officer of NOMADD.

This year alone, Saudi Arabia made solar announcements concerning auctions, monitoring services, and net metering. This—and more—is propelling the Kingdom into an energy efficient future.

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