Saudi Arabia Doubles Donations of Cranes to Ports in Yemen

Four USAID-Funded Mobile Cranes Arrive At Yemen's Largest Red Sea Port SOURCE: World Food Programme

The Yemen Comprehensive Humanitarian Operations announced the delivery of four additional cranes to ports all across Yemen. This donation doubles the number of cranes dispensing humanitarian aid to the people of Yemen. Four cranes will be installed, two to the Port of Mocha, one to the Port of Aden and one to the Port of Mukalla.

Four New Cranes Join January Delivery of Cranes to Hodeidah

The new announcement of four additional cranes follows the delivery in January of four cranes to the Port of Hodeidah. A ship carrying four mobile cranes purchased by the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) arrived in Yemen’s Hodeidah Port on January 15 to allow faster delivery of relief items for Yemeni families in the grips of the world’s biggest hunger crisis.

The Yemen Comprehensive Humanitarian Operations (YCHO) is forward-looking and responsive to concerns about humanitarian aid in the country. Countries within the Saudi-led Coalition are among the highest contributors of humanitarian and developmental aid to Yemen, and this new plan reiterates their commitment to bringing needed food, medicine, humanitarian assistance, and fuel supplies to the people of Yemen.

The Saudi-led Coalition’s efforts to open land, sea, and air lanes to Yemen will result in comprehensive humanitarian assistance to the people of Yemen — impartially distributed to all geographic areas regardless of affiliation or ideology.

The Yemen Comprehensive Humanitarian Operations includes the creation of an air bridge from Coalition countries to Ma’rib, which is strategically located in the central region of Yemen. The Saudi-led Coalition will run up to six flights per day of C-130 cargo planes filled with humanitarian aid.

YCHO has established safe passage corridors to major population centers in the interior of Yemen where aid is urgently needed.To facilitate the delivery of aid to the interior of Yemen, the Coalition has developed 17 safe passage corridors originating from six points.

The Saudi-led Coalition opened the Port of Hodeidah on November 22, 2017 to humanitarian relief. Various ports in Yemen will be expanded to receive additional humanitarian and commercial cargo.