California Organization to Develop Outdoor Art Across Saudi Arabia

Entrepreneur Boomer Welles who is bringing the concept of mural art to Saudi Arabia in his recent visit to Riyadh.

Since MISK was founded nearly 2 years ago by Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, the organization has convened numerous conferences and gatherings in both Saudi Arabia and the United States. MISK gatherings are guaranteed to bring together some of the leading names, leading minds and entrepreneurs in the world today.

One of those people to attend the recent MISK Global Forum in Riyadh is Boomer Welles of Los Angeles, California. Boomer is a big fan of sports, but he is most passionate about devoting his time to philanthropy, spending time on the Special Olympics, Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity and an organization known as Branded Arts. It’s Branded Arts and the promise of outdoor art and mural art that bought him to Saudi Arabia.

Speaking to Arabia Now from LA, Mr Welles said, “I’ve always been fascinated with the Kingdom, its history, and culture. It was an easy to choice to pursue this opportunity as it is well understood that access to the Kingdom has been hard to come by for Westerners like myself.  I wanted to experience firsthand the magnificence and spirit of a culture that has been able to thrive in such a large and prosperous way in the middle of the desert that is so large it is nearly incomprehensible.”

Branded Arts is an organization which ensures art and well known artists will inspire communities, emerging talent and individuals. Over the last 5 years, Branded Arts has produced over 150 public and private mural projects around the world. The combination of art and entrepreneurship falls directly within Saudi Vision 2030, and now the Kingdom is set to enjoy the benefits of this unique organization.

During his interview Boomer Welles said, “At Branded Arts, we share the very foundation on which Vision 2030 is built by working with visionaries that want to push the boundaries of what is considered to be possible. Our vehicle is art and our collection of the most talented artists in the world is what carries out the vision of big thinkers. We have a history of being involved with the largest developers and architects from the conceptual phase where art can be ingrained into the DNA of their vision – we want to do so in Saudi Arabia.”

With clients such as Nike, UNICEF and Ray Ban this unique concept to bring public and private groups together for community development by nurturing up and coming artists is what Boomer is hoping to achieve now in Saudi Arabia. Mr Welles explained, “We definitely want to work with local youth and bring our community enrichment and educational models to develop a sustainable art scene in the region. There is so much development and so much possibility for the future. The commitment to Vision 2030 is evident in the fabric of Riyadh and in the talented people I met at the MISK Global Forum. It truly is awe-inspiring to see what can be done when vision meets action.”

With more and more art galleries opening across the Kingdom, ideas to create out door art for Saudi citizens to enjoy is a whole new concept, and one which is sure to be embraced given the development of entertainment is another key pillar of Saudi Vision 2030. During his interview with Arabia Now Boomer said, “I realized there is a great hunger for the arts all throughout Saudi Arabia. Hearing stories and seeing pictures of wonderful places throughout the Kingdom made me want to explore more of the country. We want to help build the art scene as an industry in the vision of the Saudi people while giving them the tools to carry it forward.”

Given his goals is to inspire with art, and to give people a creative outlet, by displaying positive imagery, it would seem MISK once again bought a new talent to Saudi Arabia in Boomer Welles who told Arabia Now, “Our goal is to always leave something better than we found it. I see a massive opportunity where everyone can win.” That certainly seems the case this time.