Neom, the Smart Saudi City

Saudi Arabia recently announced that it is building a new smart city in the country’s northwest corner. It’s the latest move that proves just how much innovation continues to define the new Saudi Arabia.

The $500 billion smart city Neom will contribute to the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 plan by helping it achieve three pillars: promoting a vibrant society, a thriving economy and an ambitious nation.

“Neom is born from the ambitions of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 to see the country develop into pioneering and thriving model of excellence in various and important areas of life,” according to HRH Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Neom is an ambitious project that the Saudi government asserts will alter the course of human history, focusing on nine specialized sectors that will drive the future of energy and water, food, technological and digital sciences, advanced manufacturing, biotech, media, and entertainment.

Despite some critic’s doubts of such ambitious plans, construction has already begun, with the first phase set to complete by 2025.

“Neom is positioned to become an aspirational society that heralds the future of human civilization by offering its inhabitants an idyllic lifestyle set against a backdrop of a community founded on modern architecture, lush green spaces, quality of life, safety, and technology in the service of humanity paired with excellent economic opportunities,” according to its website.

The Workings of a Smart City

The city itself will cover an area of 10,200 square miles in the desert on the borders of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan.

Even though Neom will be protected by the Saudi military and subject to Saudi foreign policy, the fact that Neom will have its own tax, labor laws and legal system makes it a unique place in region.

As far as climate, those who are looking to find more enjoyable Gulf temperatures will be in luck: the city will be 10 degrees Celsius/50 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than the regional average.

In alignment with Vision 2030, the Saudi government has committed unprecedented amounts of resources to a greener Saudi Arabia. Through recent partnerships and enterprises, Saudi Arabia is well on its way to becoming a world leader in green energy. While Saudi Arabia’s desert terrain may make certain aspects of Neom trickier to master, it will provide access to environmental friendly solar electricity.

Since Saudi is building Neom from the ground-up, this will be the first city of its size to be 100 percent powered from renewable energy.

This also means that smart technology will be embedded into the city’s very fabric. Robots will undertake many of the manual labor tasks in Neom, such as cleaning or security.

Saudi Arabia continues to wow the world as it moves full speed into the future. Neom, the latest development in the Kingdom, transcends what it means to be modern.

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