65 Million Military Spare Parts Made In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian Military Industries

Saudi Arabia is set to produce at least 65 million pieces of military spare parts as part of their aim to expand local for arms manufacturing.

Maj. Gen. Eng. Attiya al-Malki, the General Director of the General Directorate of Local Manufacturing Support at the Saudi Ministry of Defense, revealed progress in the manufacturing process of spare parts and complementary military industries in Saudi Arabia.

Malki presented a number of samples and differences in prices between locally produced pieces that cost 50,000 SAR and other similar parts and compared them to previously imported ones that cost in the millions of riyals.

“A piece used to cost 33,000 riyals was manufactured locally at a cost of 127 riyals only, as well as the arrival of some parts was delayed for about 4 years,” Maliki said during a workshop hosted by the Industrial Committee of the Eastern Chamber.

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Vision 2030: Building a Local Defense Industry for the Saudi Military

Although the Kingdom is the world’s third biggest military spender, only 2 percent of this spending is within Saudi Arabia. The national defense industrial sector is limited to only seven companies and two research centers. The goal of Vision 2030 is to localize over 50 percent of military equipment spending by 2030.

The Kingdom will expand this initiative to higher value and more complex equipment such as military aircraft. Vision 2030 plans to build an integrated national network of services and supporting industries that will improve our self-sufficiency and strengthen our defense exports, both regionally and internationally. Localization will be achieved through direct investments and strategic partnerships with leading companies in this sector. These moves will transfer knowledge and technology, and build national expertise in the fields of manufacturing, maintenance, repair, research and development.