Jafurah Basin: The Saudi Arabia of Shale Gas

Saudi Arabia is the Saudi Arabia of shale gas. In the Jafurah Basin in eastern Saudi Arabia is a prime location for the exploration of natural gas.

Saudi Arabia’s gas resources from shale and other alternative supplies are “huge,” Khalid Al Abdulqader, general manager of unconventional resources at Aramco, said at a recent press conference in Manama, Bahrain. Production at the kingdom’s North Arabia basin will start by the end of March and reach its target by the end of this year, he said, without giving details.

Aramco is also drilling for unconventional gas in the South Ghawar and Jafurah basins, he said. Jafurah in eastern Saudi Arabia is similar in size to Eagle Ford, the second-biggest U.S. shale play for gas, Al Abdulqader said, without giving an estimate of the gas contained at Jafurah.

Aramco announced that its gas product will double to 23 billion cubic feet on a daily bases within ten years, including 2-3 billion cubic feet daily of shale gas. According to Abdulqader, Aramco is expected to commence production of unconventional gas in the kingdom end of this month, adding that the project will reach the target output capacity by the end of the year.

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