Indiana University is Taking Note of Saudi Arabia’s Ongoing Changes

A faculty group from the Maurer School of Law at Indiana University saw an opportunity to deepen their relationship with Saudi Arabia.

So they jumped on a plane to visit the Kingdom.

With some 200 Saudi Arabian students on the IU’s flagship Bloomington campus — in addition to more than 600 total Saudi students across the IU system of schools — the Maurer faculty has announced a partnership with the King Saud University to deepen the schools’ cross-cultural exchange, notably on the heels of ongoing societal and economic transformations canvassing the Kingdom. The law school’s work with the King Saudi University reflects its first partnership in Saudi Arabia, and one that faculty believes will benefit students and staff on both sides of the world.

The trip underscores Indiana University’s understanding of the importance of sharing experiences, knowledge and resources with academics—and others—around the world. With Saudi Arabia undergoing rapid change, the time proved ripe to engage with the school’s educational counterparts.

“For the first time, significantly more women are studying or are able to study law in Saudi Arabia,” said Austen Parrish, the law school’s dean and professor. “You are seeing a significant increase in women obtaining a law degree in Saudi Arabia, which provides us with an opportunity to help educate the next generation of leaders.”

The school wants to create every chance for that to happen. This includes the development of a joint degree program wherein students could come to Indiana University after completing their degree at their university.

“Deep experiences in other cultures are really important,” Parrish stated. “They make you well-rounded. They make you understand in a comparative way your own legal systems and it makes you a more sophisticated professional. Often these days, there are cross-border implications.”

During the trip, Maurer School of Law faculty members also visited the Islamic Development Bank and other Saudi universities in hopes of developing their connections with the country.

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