Female Head of Saudi’s Dammam Airport Celebrates Leadership

Saudi women are making news again for their achievement of top-ranking business and leadership positions. Businesswoman Hind Al-Zahid is now the Executive Director of Dammam Airport, where she will draw upon her vast experience as head of the Businesswomen Center at the Eastern Province Chamber of Commerce and Industry to make bold decisions about the airport’s direction and operations.

Al-Zahid’s business acumen was honed through her time as the Executive Director of the Women Economic Forum, and she is poised to further advocate for women taking on wide responsibilities and prominent positions in the Saudi workforce.

“Our vision is to guide all businesswomen in the region. Pioneers, new entrepreneurs, small businesses, even job seekers,” she stated in a 2009 interview, referring to her role within the Eastern Province Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Al-Zahid is joined in a leading executive post by a number of Saudi women who are making a similar mark on the workforce and society at large.

Recently, Sarah Al Suhaimi was named the head of Tadawul, the Saudi stock exchange. In addition, Rania Mahmoud has stepped into her role as the CEO of Samba Financial Group, an entity with enormous reach across the region. Latifa Al-Sabhan, has been named the Chief Financial Office of Arab National Bank, a top-ten bank in the Middle East.

Vision 2030 Promoting Female Leadership

The rise of Saudi women into leading positions is a reflection of the Kingdom’s national strategy to increase the quality of life for all citizens. Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 plan outlines objectives to invest in education and training that will qualify Saudis to work across diverse industries.

In particular, Saudi officials aim to increase women’s participation in the workforce from 22 to 30 percent. With Saudi women increasingly adopting executive positions at an unprecedented rate, the forecast is positive to achieve this transformative goal.

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