U.S. Secretary of Energy Landed in Saudi Arabia. Here’s How the Meeting Went.

Secretary of Energy Rick Perry

Common interests in oil and security have bound the U.S. and Saudi Arabia together for 70 years, making for one of the strongest and most enduring alliances in the world.

Despite speaking different languages, presidents, cabinet members and policymakers alike all have understood that prosperity in the Kingdom translates into prosperity in the U.S.


A recent visit to the Kingdom by U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry demonstrated the fortitude of what seems to be an unbreakable chain.

After receiving the warmest of welcomes, Perry got to business, which entailed discussing means to enhance the relations between the two countries in the energy field, including cooperation opportunities in clean energy.

Secretary Perry and H.E. Minister Al Falih emerged from discussions with a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to begin a framework for mutually beneficial cooperation in the area of clean fossil fuels and carbon management.

A Productive Visit—Fortifying a Longstanding Bilateral Alliance

“After a productive and informative visit to the Kingdom, today the United States and our friend Saudi Arabia enter an exciting new phase in our energy partnership, building on our collective success with an eye to the future,” said Secretary Perry.

“This MOU outlines a future alliance not only in supercritical carbon dioxide, but also in a range of clean fossil fuels and carbon management opportunities. Together through the development of clean energy technologies our two countries can lead the world in promoting economic growth and energy production in an environmentally responsible way.”

This MOU not only allows two countries to continue strengthening their relationship, but also provides an unique opportunity to advance the Kingdom’s economic diversification plan. “The potential of this cooperation has no limits and its positive impact on the global economy, environment, and energy supplies is so great. The signing of this MOU reflects one of the valuable opportunities this cooperation can avail,” according to Minister H.E. Al Falih. “The MOU also underscores the Kingdom’s leadership role in clean energy deployment at scale, venturing, and international collaborations to advance innovation in clean energy technology.

The U.S. and Saudi Arabia working together through exchanging experts, engineers and scientist will help sustain growth in the Kingdom’s clean energy sector, enabling them to develop alongside its Vision 2030 strategy and fulfill its responsibilities as a global energy producer and exporter.

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