Going Mobile: Saudi’s Digital Transformation is Spurring Economic Growth

Mobile Phone

Research from Avaya, a leading innovator in business communications, suggests employees in Saudi Arabia are depending on the mobile communications world for solutions to collaborate and communicate better and more efficiently. To meet the growing demand, Avaya created a system that delivers simple solutions to complex issues and produces more efficient costumer-employee interactions and engagements.

According to the Technology@Work Report, more than half of employees put a calling-and-data package on their mobile as their highest desire. Mobile access to email is even more desirable than international calling and voicemail access.

To meet the growing digital needs in Suadi Arabia, the government is contributing an unprecedented amount of resources to digital transformation programs. These programs not only benefit citizens by sparking economic growth, but also increase the success of both the National Transformation Program and the Vision 2030 initiatives.

Digital transformation plays an intricate role in the overall success of Vision 2030.

The success of Vision 2030 heavily depends on efficient business interactions that can help spur economic growth. According to PewResearch, “digital transformation could generate $16.9 billion in extra revenue each year for companies in the Middle East from 2017 to 2021, as well as $17.3 billion in annual cost savings and efficiency gains”.

The price that the Saudi economy pays due to the lack of access to the digital space is alarming. At least a quarter of citizens report not having access to their desired tools. The next crucial step that must be taken is to build communication and collaboration capacities into existing enterprise applications.

The Technology@Work Report found that a large proportion of employees use collaboration solutions outside company oversight. Such apps as WhatsApp or WeChat group chats can be a beneficial tool, however, these groups operate without special management authorization, and could expose companies to security risks.

The Benefits of Digital Transformation

Avaya’s vision in Saudi Arabia is “to bring not only people together, but the applications and things with context to collaborate,” said Hisham Al Sheikh, Country Manager for Avaya in Saudi Arabia. Avaya enjoys continuous success in the digital transformation field because they “strive to bring people, applications, and things together with the right information at the right time in the right context, helping employees to improve efficiency and quickly address critical business challenges.”

Thus far, enterprises such as Smart Link Contact Centers, King Abdullah Medical City, and YBA Kanoo are benefiting from fully embracing these new digital transformation solutions. Avaya has proven to ensure unified communications for many years, through its successful management of a vast portfolio including Avaya Equinox, a mobile-first communications platform accessible from any browser, device, or desktop.

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