Belgium to Train Saudis on Energy Efficiency

energy efficiency

Energy efficiency was the key theme of a recent presentation by Anglo Belgian Corporation. The Belgium based company is launching a training hub in Riyadh to develop a Saudi workforce to maintain Glenset power sets. The presentation about the energy-efficiency machines was made by the area sales manager of Anglo Belgian Corporation (ABC) Captain Vincent Pirot.

Speaking to Arab News following his presentation on the Glenset power sets, Pirot said that his company chose Riyadh for the training center since it’s a hub in the Middle East and people could come for training from the GCC countries and also from neighboring countries such as Egypt.

He explained that training will be set up on public demand since most of the customers who use Glenset power sets need to be trained in the maintenance of the engines. He also pointed out that 80 percent of the maintenance could be handled by trained people. He also said the engines have proven their energy efficiency in power saving, and are also low cost.

Energy Efficiency: An Economy Beyond Oil

Belgian ambassador in the Kingdom, Geert Criel, noted that energy efficiency is one of the central themes of Saudi Vision 2030. He pointed out that 38 percent of the Saudi production of oil and gas is locally consumed, mainly in the transport sector and electricity production. Therefore, he added that the Saudi Energy Efficiency Center plans to save 1.5 million barrels per day, which is 15 percent of the total oil production.

Vision 2030 is committed to building an economy beyond oil – creating a diversified economy that will not be subject to commodity price volatility. These efforts will provide opportunity to all Saudi citizens – unlocking the talent, potential, and dedication of the Kingdom’s young men and women.